IBAN Discrimination

Hello everyone, 

disappointing IBAN discrimination which takes place on booking.com should be resolved. I suggest to file a group complaint to European Comission or European Payment Counsil. if we remain silent, they will never change it and we will always hear No as a response, although by the European Law it should be Yes.

Who else has been rejected his foreign IBAN for Payouts from booking.com? 

Thuild - Your …

This is the same everywhere in the world.

Let me put it right for you:

1. BDC looks at partners as companies running a business

2. Each company has to have their IBAN linked to their headquarters location or to their incorporation location

3. You cannot have a foreign IBAN linked to your business activity, that's called money laundering

I hope you understand now, why it's like that.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com

Bogdan Kharchykov

Dear Zsolt. We live in European Union. it's not the same as the rest of the world. In EU countries agreed on having single payment area. In EU countries agreed to follow EU laws. in this case EU laws are violated. My company is located in EU country, has IBAN and this is sufficient to run a business with any country within SEPA

Malta Properties

We are suffering with exactly the same problem. We are a registered LTD company in an EU country with a business bank account technically located in another EU country... that is the entire point of the "Free economic Euro zone" to be able to do business cross borders without hinderace. We are tax and VAT registered and spend a lot of money on tax compliance to be legal. However BDC does not give a damn about that and applies a blanket rule to all partners.

BDC refuses to accept that and I have ceased all listings with BDC until the matter is resolved. Airbnb all the way! Bigger market share, easier to contact them, host insurance and they will send money to EU Iban numbers... 

Unfortunately since BDC are a private company and you agree with there T&C's when you make use of there website and services then they are the boss and they can make the rules and regulations as they see fit. 


Malta Properties

Sorry but your reply is completely incorrect and you should really check your facts before making a post that appears to be official. As as I understand you are not related at all to BDC.

I own a limited company (business) registered and compliant in an EU country where we offer properties. But the company bank account is technically located in another EU state so it has a different Iban code to the country that the business is trading. We are tax registered, VAT registered and fully audited. WHY would that be called money laundering? Perhaps you need to talk to your accountant before posting such non-sense. This is how almost all international companies are structured.