If guest don’t show up

I have the payment rules in cash. What happened if the guest don’t show up? How I can take my money?beacause the damage on this days when the guest don’t show up is big cause I can find other guest in only one day

Aaltje B.

Hi Aleksandros

Could you check with your BDC help desk if it is possible for guests to pay at the time of booking?

Or even a percentage.

Maria what do you use? (Maria is also on the forum and from Greece.)

Receiving cash payments only does not place the receiver ( = you, the host) in a safe position.

Chances are they never turn up, since guests didn't loose anything ( no obligation)

You can also make it a no show directly after not turning up, in that case you don't have to pay commission for this guest.

How do you prove that the guest has not turned up if they pay cash?

Something to think about.

Happy hosting


Aaltje B.