Incorrect rates

Hi all, I've just opened my property for bookings and have recieved 2 bookings with incorrect rates being charged. My rates are custom set according to number of guests, ie: 1 guest 650ZAR per night. When I recieved the invoice it is exactly half, ie 325ZAR. How is this possible? I have just closed my calendar. How can I adjust the price, or refund the guests and cancel the bookings?

Aaltje B.

Oh dear Woodsidecottage25

Have you solved the problem? Since you have sent this message already 2 months ago.

Have you been in touch with the Help - desk team?

You can login via Extranet and then Inbox and message them or contact via same page

Hopefully you can start your hosting soon, and in case you have started already, let us know how things are going.


Aaltje B.