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Increasing Frequency of No-Shows

Good morning everyone. We're curious to find out if anyone else is experiencing an increasing number of no-shows post COVID deconfinement?

In preparation - On's advice - we now accept last minute bookings without requiring card details and lo and behold we have seen 2 trends: 1) the number of no-shows has gone up significantly and 2) they are all from guests that we cannot charge because we did not stipulate needing card details.

Do we really generate more reservations becsaue we don't need card details or are we just getting the tyre-kickers who will look for a cheaper price anywhere else and cancel their bookings with impunity? What do yo think?

Thanks for sharing your experiences, UF.

13 Bees

Thanks for your thoughts :-)

So, you're concluding that's advice is wrong (our experience would suggest so)?  And secondly, we'd be happy to take your recommendation forward if I could find the way to apply prepayment requirements JUST to last minute bookings and not to every guest.  I can;t find this in our policies or payments pages so any ideas you have will be gratefully received.

Thanks, UF