Indonesia :Playing with tax names to make more profits !

In Indonesia like in other countries Booking.com is playing with tax names to enhance their own profits !

Here we have no choice to present our rates before hotel tax, except for City Tax. That's a good joke, there is no city tax in Indonesia, but a regional one for hotels. Therefore we are invited to pay a 15% commission on a 10% local tax, which certainly does not belong to the range of services being promoted by Booking.com on our behalf. I know that there is no small profit, but this one is particularly vicious, it comes directly to the detriment of hotels with no counter part, and is really close to crossing the border of illegality. When we shall all explain to our respective Kabupaten that Booking.com is enjoying a 15% commission on the tax we pay to the region, I am not sure what their reaction will be.

I think all hoteliers in Indonesia (and there's quite a few) should gather to complain about this total abuse of position.

Pay to help sales, yes. Increase the tax pressure on our businesses, no thank you !

Leandri Klopper


Sorry to hear about the struggles.

Perhaps you need to do a public effort on social media also. I see this thread has been silent for a month.

Best of luck!