Invalid Credit Card

Hello I would like to know why was Mr ***   *** reservation cancelled.... I learnt it was cancelled from your side because you found that his credit card was invalid? I myself when travelling was using cards that wouldn't have too much cash or were not quite actual,  so I would prevent anybody misusing it.....I cannot contact this client. I feel sorry as it is an interesting reservation....Can you give me more data on this thank you very much....

Edita Kostrounova

I've been told that I'm the only one who can charge the customer that is arriving. But when somebody doesn't arrive and it's a no show and I do not have him in person and I cannot catch him I expect that booking.com charges his credit card and then gives me the payment for the stay.....If I do not get any reimbursement, than it is really wrong because that's what you are there for... right?  you have the credit card details which I don't see and I totally rely on you  that when a guest ruins my weekend as he was blocking it a long time, and I as a house with max 4 rooms might not   get any bookings for another 3 days.... because my hotel seemed long like fully booked.....

4 months ago