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Invalid credit card issue - Why do hotels have to wait 3 hours????

I am continually frustrated with guests presenting invalid cards, and not being able to cancel the reservation until 3 hours afterwards.  At busy times I am missing out on potential guests while waiting for updated card details. Every reservation with an invalid credit card should be cancelled immediately! Other owners and managers, please give me your advice on how you handle this situation. 

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BrookAve 1 year ago




not sure where the 3 hour wait comes from , you are the first person to post  that.


generally if someone is booking prepaid, their is a nominal 0.99 or 1 charge made to verify card.


phone partner support to see if their online payments option checks cards, if so switch to that method would be my idea.


else do similar with a direct 3rd party provider .



heenahospitali… 1 year ago

I am talking about's cancellation policy for invalid credit cards for same day bookings:

Canceling guest bookings in the case of invalid credit cards

- The customer is always given at least 2 hours to update these details (i.e. if the booking is made after 2 pm on the day of arrival).

Why do I have to hold the room for 2 hours for a guest with an invalid credit card? Why do I not have the option to cancel immediately? I'm losing business for 2 hours while I wait for the guest to update their credit card details which usually never even happens. This is very unfair to business owners and is a ridiculous policy. What do other owners/managers do?