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Invice ***

Hi ,i absolutly protesting agaist invoice *** .Whats happened : I had reservation nr *** *** ,she created reservation before covid virus .I have condition of reservation that guest must pay 1 night deposit in advance and this deposit will get back ,if guest will cancel reservation 30 days before arrival day.This guest cancel reservation less then 30 days to arrival date so have no right to get back deposite according valid conditions.But anyway,because of covid virus i agreed ,that this deposit we will move to next reservation after covid virus and guest accept that ,there is chat in slovak language .Can you imagine my suprice ,when i got invoice saying refund reservation nr *** ,which is unbelievable ,im takeing money from guest personaly ,im not using to take money from guest.You simply issued invoice in name of guest ,which is against law.You dont know money flow between guest an me ,guest can lie or i can lie ,i could already paid back deposite and so on ,but most important is i had agreement between me and guest ,how we will sorting out this.Reaction of Slovak - Czech version of booking .com is absolutelly disaster.I wrote by chat ,what happened ,no answer 2 days ,then i was calling ,explained situation ,lady was wondering and told me - i will put you throu my college ,connection went deaf ,i was waiting 3 min. and then i try to call again ,phone pick up other person,i explained situation again ,she sad somebody will contact you,i gave her my phone number ,nothing,nobody contact me .Next day i got answer on my chat to booking ,we try to many times to contact you ,you didnt pick up phone , we have to do refund guest deposit.Absolutly lie .Nobody try to contact me ,i left in chat my phone number again and sad im protesting agaist invoice ,i have no debt against and with guest we had agreement ,how we will sorting out situation.Since then left 5 days and nobody contact me ,this is absolutelly not profesional behavior ,Chech verion of booking is disaster ,if you step up and ask them something about this case,they will lie (i bet) Anyway ,please cancel this invoice,you have no right to issue invoice in name of guest without consultation with me and you should not refund something to guest ,this is between me an guest,thanks

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BrookAve 2 years ago


argh..... block of text  .... bad habit ,  puts people off reading it ... use <SHIFT>+<ENTER> and <ENTER> to break it up....  


I had to put it through MS Word to format and spellcheck it into readable format below.:


Hi, I am absolutely protesting invoice X from


What has happened:


I had a reservation, she created before covid19 virus.

I have condition that guest must pay 1-night deposit in advance.

This deposit is returned if guest will cancel reservation 30 days before arrival.


This guest cancelled reservation less than 30 days to arrival, so she has no right to get back deposit according our valid conditions.



Because of covid19 virus I agreed that this deposit can be used for new dates in the future and the guest accepted these terms. There is chat history log showing this, in Slovak language.


You can imagine my surprise, when I got an invoice saying refund reservation nr *** for the same reservation.

This is unbelievable. I only do direct payments from guest. I am not using Payments by to take money from guest.

Guest can lie or I can lie. I could already have paid back the deposit, but more importantly is…

I had agreement between with guest. How will you sort this out?



My adventure with the Slovak BdC Support Team was a disaster.

I contacted them by Booking Messages in Extranet. I explained the situation.


I then phoned and a lady responded she would redirect me to a colleague when after 3 minutes the line went dead.  For 2 days no response.


I tried to call again and went through same, she took my phone number and said someone would call back. No one did.


The next day my Extranet message got a response claiming , ‘we tried to contact you several times and you did not answer phone so we  must refund the guest’.

That never happened my phone never rang. What an absolute blatant lie. I want to challenge this invoice as I already have an agreement directly with Guest.

This invoice should be null and voided immediately, as a mistake by the Finance team.

Again in message I sent my phone number.

Please action this asap and cancel that invoice.






Hi Apartmany Podhajska


That is terrible indeed to hear what happened.

I understand and have seen this happen before.

Its both a timing issue and an assumption by the advisor that you are not picking up calls.


As to why they did not just email you and wait, is another issue.

Since the local support office you describe as being useless, you might want to try contact another nearby support team.

Contact us The general list by country is under this link /topic.


Another option may be to phone the normal support number again, as shown under Inbox, Booking Messages ...but this time ask to speak to a supervisor.


Have the  case reference and a short summary of the issue to hand.

Or use my rewrite of your description up above and send them that once you get them on the phone.

You can auto translate it in to any other language using



Hope that helps 


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well.


Ps : Maybe Communities Team  can help escalade it to a senior person in that region team to sort this mess out.