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Our guest asked for an invoice, its company with VAT number. How i Should issue invoice for them, if payment is generated by booking.com? Guest pays for booking and then booking takes commissions and pays us what is left. 

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Community Admin

Dear UAB Elektra Jums! Thanks for posting in the Community!


As you are the provider of the services booked by guest and the end receiver of the payment, it is your responsibility to provide the guest with an invoice. After receiving the guest payment we do send them a payment confirmation, but most of the times guests also request an invoice from the property. 


Best regards!

10 months ago
patrice dubarre

Good evening,

i have got the same question but with an example.

my client book on booking.com a room 100 euros, and you send to him a payment confirmation.

My client want an invoice from me.

I make the invoice with the amount that booking pays me that is to say minus the commission but my client wants an invoice of 100 euros???

i am confuse can you give me an example of an invoice i have to provide to my client??

Thank you.


9 months ago



Hi UAB Elektra Jums


You can use any invoice generator or template for spreadsheet and insert the reservation details..


I would reccommmend tradeshift.com for online invoice management, its free to use.



Kind regards, merry xmas and a happy new year

10 months ago