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Hello, I received a message regarding payment of invoice, I believe most of the March 2020 bookings are cancelled and I updated them as no show or bookings cancelled. Can you please send the itemised bookings so I can be able to understand how the charges Commission of $252.72 was derived. And also I got a message about my account been migrated to normal account from business account, can I appeal this decision please.


You have posted this on the Partner Forum.  As this relates to a query for a specific booking you need to contact booking.com help team.  Use the Inbox icon on Extranet where you can contact a specific team with your problem.  You could call but from posts on here there are long wait times on the phone.


I am in New Zealand so no point giving you the one I have.  Have a search for Contact and you should get a local one.



Hi please link your property to your profile, it greatly helps.

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


On extranet you will find all that info under the Finance menu.



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Ps Email regarding the business to normal downgrade has nothing to do with your partner Extranet account.


That's referring to your Guest account for when you travel.