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Invoice Claim

Booking is asking me a Commission on a. Stay that never occurred. I have notified them but they seem no to take notice of my communications neither the cancelation and lack of any fact or prove of the stay.

Booking is now threatening to close my account... Can anyone help? Thanks


You should just pay that commission before that happens. Next time Remember to click the no show button that is only active 48 hrs


You must be joking Kiboko, we are talking about a 270€ commission + that happened on my first steps as a host. I expect some help as well as understanding from Booking. Am I wrong?


You are right,like now as we are talking i have arleady landed in the same trouble as you. I remember i had set all the preferences that a guest should payup 10% if he/she fails to avail at the property. I had contacted about this problem and it ended badly because right now they have not listed my property. I were and i am ready to show proof of the coversation we had with those particular guests. Anyway 270 euros is a way too much money if you are sure no payment was credited into your account

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Almacien and welcome to the forum.

So sorry to hear about your struggles. As Kibokoafrica said those are the rules of Booking.

Since the amount is to big maybe you can convince Booking with facts that you had no intentions in not paying commission, as you are a newbie and some things are not easy to understand.

Maybe, at least they could lower the commission just for once for you.

Wish you all the best.