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Invoice to the client

Hello. I have now my fist guest. He is asking an invoce from me for the money he paid for accomodation. He says that his employer ask it from him. How I can do it? Who is responsible for invoicing? Should You set up him an invoice? Because I am rentint the apartman like privat person. Thanks for explanation! Regards. Anton



Hi Anton


  • Partners are responsible for providing Invoice on Request.  
  • Invoice generation with a template in a spreadsheet app.  
  • Online invoice generation services like .  
  • Some bookings may be marked for business, so they I would have one on standby ready to go , but not issue it until at least the checkout date.  
  • You can also be asked for invoice for their expense claims , even if not marked as a business booking.  
  • It does not matter that you are leasing. It still applies.


Kind Regards