Invoiced for cancelled and none showep up reservations on booking.com

Not sure of  what to do with the invoices I received from booking.com.

I am being invoiced for about $1,000 for bookings that were cancelled and even non cancelled but none-show up. So many reservations from booking.com which are 99.9% cancelled or none-show up.

I have called booking.com to set up payment upfront and full payment for none showed up reservations but still nothing happened. I set it up on the site that my property is non-refundable but still nothing happened. I received fake reservations for many days and even weeks that I cannot even cancel. I tried to cancel those reservations but no possible until the reservations dates due. 

I place the daily rate so high to discourage reservations from booking.com and it even triggered those fake reservations. Since I couldn't cancel those, i have place comment on the reservation in my hope that booking.com would notice but still nothing happened.

Booking.com korea has been balling me non-stop asking me to pay for those reservations . They could help me by finding those who reserved to confirm why they didn't show up and why payment was not made but no help from booking.com.

Now I got this over $1,000 invoice which I have no way of paying. Booking.com is synced with other sites so I have lost a lot  because of those booking.com fake reservations.

Unbeleivably booking.com allows reservations without contact nor address nor asking for reservation fees.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you


Aaltje B.

Hi Anneth

This is not a normal situation and definitely conflicting with BDC policies. ( I don't pay commission for cancellations..)

There is miscommunication.

Do you have proof of all the cancellations?

You can make a screenshot with your cellphone and attach it to question via Login to Extranet / Finance team.

(Anyone in the forum can shine more light here, please? Marco ?)

Hope this helps a little.

Keep coming back to us if not successful.