Hi Folks

We have recently had trouble with the invoicing from the booking.com finance team. There have been a number of cancelled bookings, that still appear on our invoice as chargeable actions.

Can I ask if anyone else is experiencing the same problem? 



Sharon Powney

Usually they only get left on invoice if they haven't been fully cancelled on the system.

Contact booking.com help team to resolve using Inbox icon, messaging booking.com

Bank Street Lodge

We have a number of bookings, that have been cancelled and show as £0 chargeable to the guest, but still show a commission amount chargeable to us.

Everyone of the reservations were cancelled 2 days prior to the date booked, so meets with our cancellation guidelines.

I have disputed the amounts with the finance team, but I would expect b.com to ensure correct invoices were sent to businesses. 

I was just curious to see if anyone else has had the same issue.