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Issues accessing virtual cards information on Extranet

Hello to everyone:

I'm having issues since 3 hours ago about accessing to the virtual cards information on my Extranet. I was working the entire day processing those cards, I processed successfully about 17 and suddenly on the number 18, after the system asked for user and password like usually, a new page opened for profile verification:

I must mention that no phone calle or SMS arrived to my phone after trying, as you can see, Pulse is the 3rd option [first for me], well I looked for Extranet Code on Pulse and after I entered within the time limit, the result is INVALID PIN NUMBER.

I waited about 2 or 3 hours, just in case some protection etc, but I'm still unable to see the virtual card information.

Do you know guys what is possibly going on here? Anyone with a previous similar experience?

What should I do next?

Thanks in advance,

B Regards,

Juan Carlos

Laura, Communi…

Hi Juan Carlos,

Thanks for getting involved with the forum :)

Since you haven’t received a reply from another partner, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox.

Good luck with everything,