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Issuing a invoice for a guest?

I have a question on issuing a invoice to a guest. Let say they are attending a conference and need proof of payment for the accommodation.

Would appreciate any help with this, thank you. 

Isle of Wight …

If they have paid with Payments by, they can get the proof of payment via - they need to log in to their account to check payments (they pay, not you, therefore the invoice is from to the guest)


If they are paying you directly by card, you can give them the payment receipt from the card machine, or you can write and print an invoice, just the same as any cash payments you receive. Do this when the guest has arrived and paid.


The receipt from the card machine does not specify VAT /IVA/TVA/MWS/MVA.

A guest who is travelling on business or on holiday has a clear right to ask for a specified receipt as evidence of the purpose of the transaction.

The company they own or work for can then apply to the State Department of Finance for a refund of the VAT, or they can leave the paperwork to companies who are specialists in that field of work(and deduct a fee).

VAT in Scandinavia ranges from 12% to 25%(accomodation---- meals,hire cars,flights etc ) and that can be well worth the effort with the paperwork.

Mario Alexandrou

The guest paid through Bookings .com as the previous  comment suggested, I think they should ask Bookings for invoice. 


The guest looks on the accommodation as the vendor, and it is the accommodation who is legally responsible for declaring the Sales tax to the State.

An Invoice is an thing to create on an Excel worksheet, and it is an easy matter to formulate the worksheet to show the different rates of VAT.

Nicole Rätsch

But then the Guest should receive TWO invoices. A) one from the accommodation, that reflects how much was actually paid for the room, and B) one from BCD showing how much was paid in commission. A+B = total amount guest paid for the stay.

I highly doubt BCD is interested in this level of transparency.