Good afternoon.

I am writting to you in order to cancel tow reservation for my listing house.

I have long ago lost my access codes  for booking and i couldnt enter to make my house unavaliable,and tonight i received 2 e-mails telling me that i have two bookings  for my house.

The forst one is comming today Sunay 11/8/2019 !!!i communicated with him and informed him about that and he told me that Booking.com will charge him if he withdraw  the booking of the house.Please can you cancel both of the reservations?? 

1st -2510180886

2nd -3469995819 

M Adamopoulou

Oh my God!!!

You have very big problems!!!

Call immediately your local BDC office to support you.

This is a Partner Community and nobody can solve this situation.

Wish you luck...


You need to contact Booking.com and tell them you can't accomodate those guests.  Booking.com will assist finding them a new accommodation.  You'll still be charged for the commission.. at least.