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Last minute reservation cancellation


My property number is ***

I received last-minute reservation (***)

The problem is that due to "Korona" I stopped the short-term activity and give the apartment for a long rental. Since I didn't update calendars yet, the guest succeeded to book.

I spoke with the guest and explained to him the situation. The only problem is the payment refund.

Since it is last minute, I can't do it by myself

Please help to cancel and pay back all the amount to the visitor.





Reminder this is partner community and not Support team.


Remove numbers above or the auto bot will remove them for you.


You need to mark the reservation in Extranet details page , click on cancel and that will start the refund process.


Or if you see an message saying time limit of 48 hours, then use Extranet :


Extranet > Inbox > Booking Messages, 

click on right, the See Contact Options,

Choose Reservations, cancellation. Click on Contact us at bottom.

copy paste booking number in.

Enter message confirming agreement, and they will get to it when they do.




Kind Regards