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Late Cancellation

Earlier this year I became a Genius Partner whereby I offer Genius guests 10% discount on their bookings. As part of this program and in its early stages Genius Partners were also guaranteed that, if there was a late cancellation, would either find a new booking for the period or would be recompensed for any lost income.

In October I had a guest make a late cancellation. I spoke to a gentleman at at the time to confirm that if I accepted the cancellation I would not be out-of-pocket. He even showed me where it stated this policy on my site, i.e. at the bottom of the Property/Policies page. [Note that this has since been removed so I assume has decided this didn't work for them.] Based on our discussion I agreed to the late cancellation. is denying that the late cancellation guarantee ever existed and there's been no compensation for the lost booking. Has anyone else had this problem? I would never have agreed to the cancellation without this in place.

Can anyone put some light on this issue please?


Leandri Klopper

Hello Kay,

Well that's not good news. I have that same policy on my one property and I've noticed that does not replace the booking. There will be a pop up asking me if I want to fill the spot, and when I click on it... the system just discounts those days and makes them available. (Not really what was promised, is it?)

I'm hoping we have more replies on this as I would also Love to know if this policy has ever worked...