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Late CHECK IN charges - how to add

I’d like to add a small extra charge for guest that check in outside of set hours instead of limiting them to these hours. This will allow them to arrive even late at night. 

Is there any way to add this? Anyone has any experience with this?

thank you x

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All you can do is ad it to your FINE PRINT making guest aware they can check in outside of your normal check in times with a small charge

1 year ago
Pita Lie does not have this feature. You need to put in fine print but most of the guests do not read it so it will be better if you email the guests once they make the booking as reminder.

So far we only notice that Expedia has the feature for this late check in charges.

1 year ago

i put a safe key box outside and give them instructions

1 year ago
Taylor Johanna

I think you need to take the money. Good news is that it will be commission free, but bad news that you have to ask for it. As previous comment says - add your additional hours prices to your "Fine Print", and also mention that early check-in or late check-out are subject to prior arrangement. We had a young guy turn up 5 hours early last Saturday. He wanted to go to a wedding. His room wasn't ready because he hadn't rung or emailed or anything, so proceeded to get dressed on the patio. What can I say! We are not mind readers, guests do need to communicate with us!

1 year ago

I send the guest a message through booking .combto say that our check-in times are between 5pm and 7pm as on our policy page.
If you wish to arrive after 11pm and before midnight there is an extra ‘late check-in charge that has to be pre’ arranged and agreed . I also inform the guests that an arrival after Midnight is not possible as we do not have a 24 hour check-in.

5 months ago