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Late payment from Booking. Com

Despite numerous phone calls and messages, we have not received payment for April reservations. 

They are requesting the commission for April! 

The finance division just ignore the matter. What's going on?

Has anybody else had this problem?

Any suggestions? 

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fluff 2 years ago

The best way to get a reaction from finance is to subtract whatever they owe you from what you owe them when that payment is due.

Write a covering letter with your payment notification telling why you have done the above.

e.g. They owe you $1200 and owe them $600.

Therefore, send a note as payment of Invoice XXXXX in the form of your own generated credit note to them for $600 and show that they still owe you $600.

This will not be acceptable to them so a real person from finance will make contact and then you can explain their error and the fact they will not be seeing any payment until they make theirs.


(In case this answer does actually appear, I tried to post it several times but was sent back to continue post every time I tried to "save".)

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Peter quinn


There was and issue for March/April. Whereby they previously had been paying  out 100% and didnt take commission first.


It was not sorted and working until I made the payment, then the system righted itself and processed the outstanding payment.


Then since then each payout was i 100% and I had to then pay a ninvoice as system was still not deducting the commission.


So my advice is pay the amount and then after  3-7 working days it shows in finance menu it is processing pay out.



Kind Regards


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Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

Peter quinn 2 years ago

Paid the commission. Followed up with messages and phone calls but, alas, no response. At a dead end. 

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BrookAve 2 years ago

HI peter 

It could just be when the payout date falls to then the IBAN bank transfer  takes time too.


I can usually work it out based on the view in the Finance menu > invoices.

So depending on if you have monthly versus every 8-9 days set.


Even if its been 3 days a BdC reply usually never takes that long.


As you profile is incomplete I have no idea where you are based and no listing link in there either, please complete it.

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