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On Line Payment Setup

Hello, I live and work in North Macedonia.  At present I have set up several different rate plans, including a non refundable option. I have provided Booking with our business bank account. I have read numerous articles on setting up online payments, but cannot find the option to do so in extranet.  The 'activate payments now' link simply redirects me to my extranet home page.  The finance tab has only four options (there is no 'Getting Paid' on the drop down as the help page suggests) and none of these options involves activating online payment. People are apparently able to book with no credit card details.  And if there is no online payment available to me how can I collect the non refundable payment when someone cancels?  

Erik Petersen

Unfortunately there seems to be no phone number for my country. 

I finally navigated the maze of redirects to find an actual "contact us" in the inbox.