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lower price

need to know why the price of our room is not the same as we shown on Extranet, It is being cut by without any email/notice 


A few possibilities to check;

1) You have promotion setup

2) You are singed up for the "genius" member discount scheme

3) You have different rates on the same room e.g. room only, B&B.

4) You have a conflicted rate somewhere (i.e. two identical rate plans at different rates)

5) You are signed up for the "prefered partner" programme.


Hi fluff.Thanks to post this intersting topic:how to increase bookings.It took some time to understand that if I want to increase my income, necessarily I need to get into promotions.Promotions brings more guests.Guest are always looking for an opportunity to save money.I also signed for the genius member discount.Booking is on the top that attract guests because the promotions.But sometimes, they want us to do promotion on 40% or %0% that it is really difficult at least in B&B because we have a lot expenses.We need to be constantly in our promotions to engage our guests.

M Adamopoulou

Hi!-Langkawiprimroseseaview and welcome to the forum.

If you have none of the promotions fluff refers to than maybe you should call your local BDC office and ask your support team or send a message request through your Extranet inbox.

Give us feedback if possible...

M Adamopoulou

Guests are always looking for promotions. We have to be very careful with promotions because promotions are added on top of Genius Program and PPP and can end up making a big discount without realising it.