MDOT rate (standard rate -10%)

What does mean MDOT



M Adamopoulou

MDOT rate means that you have your mobile rate active so guests using mobile app when making reservations can have more discount.
Wish you a happy day.

Mashi Niwarthana

Ms. M,
How can we active it? I don't have any idea about that. Can you tell me tye way i can active it. I'm normally using pulse app.

Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Mashi in your Opportunities tab you can find Mobile deduction offer in your Extranet.
Have in mind that once you activate it and you change your mind and you want to deactivate it this can be done only by BDC support team. You cannot deactivate it by yourself.

Uri Zur

how can I switch this off? I don't remember activating it.  now, the last guest shows Genius 10% and MDOT 10%  and from the rest Booking's commission - this is far too much to give away ...  I would really like to undo this discount. any help is appreciated 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Uri, welcome to the Partner Community.

You cannot switch off this promotion. You have to call your local BDC office and ask for support team to switch it off.

Wish you luck.