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Megan Sutton of Churchill View Holiday Apartment Forster NSW Australia

I emailed two months ago stating the Pulse app which works in association with has been "down" and I've not had any luck trying to reestablish it again - I have not had anyone respond to me to explain what to do - but this is resulting in me loosing bookings as I can't communicate to guests/clients unless Im at home on the computer and as you would appreciate thats just not always possible.  Can someone please call me on 0438907882 NSW and talk me through it ... it will not accept a new password or restart of any kind.... thank you - would appreciate hearing from someone please


Hi! you are posting in a partner forum used to share tips and advice and not the customer support - you can do that via the extranet as you have the option to email guests or support but my advice would be to call.


Also would suggest you remove your phone number.


as regards the pulse app, if it is not working you can also use the web version - have you tried that?

the app is not down - what exactly is your problem? Have you tried removing and reinstalling? have you tried another device? can you log in to the portal via the website?