Missed Payment from Booking. Payments usually arrive by the 8th of the month. I have a large payment that has been overdue since 15th June.

I have telephoned Booking and it was over 40 mins, no one answered my call. I sent 3 email, no one has answered. I have bills to pay, is it legal that a payment was promised and not paid. What can I do. Any help welcome.

Le Jarrier

Thanks for the info.

I tried once again to call, this time, for over 1 hour and still no reply. 

It really should not be this difficuly to speak to someone!

The 3 messages I have sent are still unanswered, I just think the service it terrible, especially since they have not paid me such a large amount which was due days ago.

It really is unacceptable and a very bad way to treat their customers, owners or travellers.