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Missing payment

Hi to all of you partner booking and booking. Com.

I write here after alot of trying to resolve my payment problem. 

To understand I will write a short story about. 

We start last year to work with and until beginning of this year everything it was ok , but from mai its missing alot of payment from booking and also the payment what I receive from it's not the same what show on extra net booking. 

I write to finance department with hope they will fix the problem but no... I send to them a screenshot of my bank account and their say it's not enough prove to show I dont receive the payment  

They say the payment its send but I dont recieved.  

I ask also for some prove from them to call my banck and when I get ...after 4 weeks of waiting ( I should get after 2 days) I go to the bank and they say that paper doesn't show anything. 

I looked for any help to fix this problem please help me . 

Best regards 


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BrookAve 2 years ago




Reminder this is the Partner Hub Community only.


Right first the basic logic of what to check :


  1. Has your bank transfer info changed since November 2019 ?  
  2. Verify the Bank Account info you have on Finance menu, is it the right account, do you have access to it?  
  3. Use the invoice .remittance download PDF feature under finance menu to pull down all bookings and invoicing. Now Cross check, and see what you missed for no shows, cancelations etc.


Once you have done all that you should now have a proper picture of the state of affairs and hopefully learned something new.


As we are now in July I can only assume this went on for so long due to learning curve, misunderstanding, misinformation...


I hope you get this sorted and demystified soon.


Dont forget to come back and let us know how you get sorted in the end.