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missing payment

Hi can anyone help, my property is in Frnce  and a Payment has not been paid into my account

Can anyone supply me with a english speaking telephone number for

The number lsited is a french automated message and I can't understand her

Thanking you in advance



Hi Mary, 


You can use the public list and to find a supported language.


Note: by default anti-money laundering policy prevents bank account not in same country as the listed property.


Note: 2: your property link is missing from your partner profile, please add it, as it can help us better advise when we can see it., depending on the query.


How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile



Kind Regards.


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

rab newton

Yes I have the same problem I don’t have a French account so will take your payments but not pay you unless you have a French account 

I don’t have this issue with trip advisor they paid with no issues b.c however they owe me over £2k