Missing payment from booking.com


I am using booking.com to collect payments from clients. But I did not get any money for more then a month. booking expained it is technical problem. Promiss was to solve it by end of March. But without result. Based on extranet they sent money but we did not receive anything. It is impossible to reach credit control team via phone (i was online waiting several hours...). Does anyone else has same experience? I want to send back deposits to clients but without money collected for stays in past weeks I can not do it. For me is booking.com unreliable partner. Thank you.


Initial setup can be a bit tricky.  Once it is all done I have found it all works very well.  Given that they are overwhelmed with changes at this current time I think you need to give them a bit of time.  If you email using the Inbox on Extranet you can specify which team the query goes to rather than waiting on the phone.

Vila Kosodrevi…

It is not about set up. We received two payments in February nicely. But then booking changed some functions in extranet and there are no payments in March. I sent them message and credit control replied after few day and promissed to solve it until end of March. but still nothing. I asked again but no reply:(