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Missing payments since January


this is my last resort!  I have not been paid for six bookings in January, amounting to hundreds of euros.  When I speak to finance on the phone, they cant explain it and say they will get right on to it and I should get a payment in the next week.  BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. On 30 April,  my husband and I went carefully through the bookings and payments we had received and identified the missing payments, as we were struggling with the lack of income due to lockdown.  To date, I have not received a reply.  The very next day, 1 May, my husband of 47 years , and my soulmate, fell and fractured his skull.  He died a week later without regaining consciousness.  In April, both my parents died.  I am struggling to adjust to my new situation and I really do not need this problem with  I have started EU small claims proceedings and will switch to another online platform from 27 July.  I will cancel all my bookings from that date.  I will inform the clients why.  That have withheld payments that I and the guests trusted them to collect for me.  

The last time I posted, asking for help on a partner forum, all the replies were basically insulting me and telling me I must be wrong.  But I know I am not!  


Dinah McAlees


I am sure you realise we can only sympathise as this must be frustrating.  If more people weren't being paid there would be more posts here with the issue so I don't feel it is a general problem.

Dinah McAlees

I am sure it is not, though I am by no means alone.  All the more reason that should resolve the problem.  Thanks for responding.