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Mode of payment


Could someone advice me how to change the payment mode. In my listing, the payment is on arrival and most of time i have no show sometime i forget to do it. Thus I have two questions,

1) Can collect the money and release to our account as Airbnb the payment. i have looked for this option but for Nepal, this option is not available i think.

2) Secondly in case of no show if I do not waive cancellation charge, how do i collect the amount as guest do not check in. Thus charge them from their credit card?

Thank you for your suggestion

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BrookAve 1 year ago


2) zero chance, will never be able to.

You must enable prepayment,  by guest. 


1) sign up for either online payments by bdc or payments by bdc.


Or via a 3rd party, then provide that info into message template for new reservations

Bakeyrabina 1 year ago


I don't see where to get the online payment by bdc or payments by bdc.

i have not seen it. let me have the link please