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Modifying cancellation fees

I've been with BC for many happy years.  Lately I have had an abundance of late cancellations and no shows, so have decided to make our cancellation policy tougher.  Sometimes, however, a future guest may have a legitimate reason to cancel (for example -- medical emergency or death in the family).  I believe these are the exception rather than the norm.  I'm going to go with pre-payment and let BC do the money management with the policy below-- 

Partially refundable

You'll be charged 50% of the total price if you cancel after reservation and the total price if you cancel in the 30 days before arrival.

While I don't want to waive entirely the unfortunate guests with a legitimate reason (I know that's an option) I would like to have them pay something, say 30% of the total.  Does anyone know if this is an option with BC?    

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/understanding.



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Thuild - Your …

Dear Weigelt,

You cannot really negotiate a per case thing with cancellations. That is why the system is automated in regards to this.

It's why with a click of a button, you can tell BDC that you waive charges or not.

Imagine if all 1.000.000 partners started contacting BDC about partial cancellation fees.

Good that you've changed the policy, but use it in a simple way.


Zsolt -

1 year ago

Keep it simple.
Any guest cancelling for Illness etc. can claim from their travel insurance, so be need for you to be offering refunds.

1 year ago
Anthurium Apartment


can i ask ,in which country,you have your business,i am contemplating spending some holiday

1 year ago

Sure, we're in Captain Cook, Hawaii (Beautiful Edge of the World B&B). It's always nice meeting other owners and sharing experiences. We almost always have much in common in our experiences with guest- the good, the bad, and the ugly. 17 enjoyable years at this. No burn out because we go away for two months every summer.

11 months ago
Anthurium Apartment

Wow,it is extremely far from where i live,but what i know Hawii,is extremely beautiful,like my country,The Commonwealth of Dominica,in the Caribbean.Maybe,you can be my guest one of those days,i seem to like your concepts on hosting.To me if i am travelling,i am looking for more interaction,and understanding of the life of the people,experiencing their culture more than anything else.Iam not one of the adventurous travellous,who likes to experience the hills and valleys on my own,so i would very much appreciate close contact with my host.

11 months ago