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money deducted from invoice

Hi all


We have just received payment for bookings in July and we are missing 422 euros. We have checked our invoice and there is an additional line which says "BT"  and then a minus figure of 422 euro. I am still waiting for an explanation from the "english" speaking customer service team. (who now seem to based in Singapore or some other far eastern Country)  almost impossible to understand a word they say. anybody have any idea what this could be?  We have recieved zero notification about an outstanding bill or any other issues



Hi Ilkay Akgun

Yes it seems we are all getting an invoice for x but then the invoice  submenu view shows a red minus figure which to me denotes they owe use that amount.

Normally the invoice summary due amount is black and not minus.


As to why this is now only hapening since 29th July, I have no idea. I will update once I have a reply.



Ilkay Akgun

hi thanks for the reply, but my issue is that they have deducted the money from my latest payment with no warning - explanation or communication. There is no mention of the deduction on my invoices, it only appears when I download the excel spreadsheet of payments made.  I have no idea what it is and its a huge amount of money for us. Still waiting for a call back from the finance department, been waiting 4 hours