I have just joined Booking.com

Cancellation policies.....

Is it the case that until I am established with booking.com I cannot take credit card payments (deposit) before they arrive 

I have set in place that the client can cancel 7 days before arrival but if I am not able to take a credit card deposit payment its not really viable??

Also I have connected my bank details . Once I am able to take credit cards will that go into my bank account?


Sorry Im a bit confused






Hi Joan,


 The simplest and best solution for starting out is to have Booking.com take the prepayment and then payout monthly or 4 times a month.


This is called Payments by Booking.


I know sometimes they send out message to say you have to wait but as strongly reccomended by others here, dont take no for an answer.


Simply reply or ask for it as without it you have no way to protect yourself from fraudulent bookings and need it for prepayments.



Kind Regards,


Joan Oates

Thank you, much appreciated

Whereabouts do I go to enable Payments by Booking?

Can you talk me through it please


Kind regards


Joan Oates


Thank you....when i click on the second option it takes me to a page that says I can enable online payments but when i click onto that it just takes me to the home page on my account with no info on how to actually do it.

Joan Oates

I dont have that option on my Finance pull down list

"Getting paid" is not there