My property status is Closed / Not bookable.

My hostel was not active during the pandemic and now it's showing as Closed / Not bookable. I was new to booking.com and still don't know much about it. I need to activate it but finding it difficult to navigate. Please help me out.

Jarratt - Acco…

Hi Hacker packer, 


I will suggest a few possible solutions below but you may prefer to contact the support team (local numbers on this page, or you can send a message by clicking on the Inbox tab in the extranet, then choose 'Booking.com Messages' and follow the prompts). 


On the home tab, there may be a 'open my property' button which you need to press to reopen the property. If so, just be sure you're happy with the rates and availability showing in the extranet as it will be immediately bookable on Booking.com. 


If your extranet is connected to a channel manager (i.e. you manage your rates and availability using a channel manager) you will need to add availability in your CM which will push rates and availability to the extranet, and open the hostel for sale on Booking.com. 


If you don't use a channel manager, you will need to manually add your current rates and availability in the extranet, you can do this via the Rates tab in the extranet. Click into the calendar and then work through each of your room types (using the bulk edit tool can save a lot of time). 


If your hostel has never had rooms for sale on Booking.com before, you may still need to go through a verification process, or there may be some other actions necessary. 


I hope this helps you get reopened, all the best. 

Kind regards,