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Natural Disasters

A massive Bush fire tears through yet another comunity, the hosts and owners loose all their income,

Why can't  a Multi Million dollar company like Booking,com help us via their Insurance ?

they should have a policy to help us as hosts  and offer to pay the guests their rent for their cancelled stay due to blocked roads etc...as we certainly help them!


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I think that is a big ask but understand the logic!

bdc will probably turn it around and expect accomodation to instead take out the insurance with the option of reimbursment for the loss of revenue due to damage.

On a more important note hope their are no more loss of lives due to the bush fires - heard of a volunteer who died yesterday - very sad.

10 months ago

If booking.com covered us with their insurance then they would just increase the commission and pass on the cost.  Which would be a double cost if you already had your own insurance.

Appreciate you guys are doing it tough at the minute.  I am in NZ and the smoke has created a heavy haze here so realise it is really bad there.  

10 months ago
Finisterre Bea…

What private insurance company covers lost accomodation costs?


10 months ago