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Need to add bank account, option does not exist

I have a property in Sri Lanka on booking. I live in the USA. I've recently found out that I can not add a bank account to since the company doesn't do banking business in Sri Lanka. Any option needed to make banking changes does not exist under the Financial Tab for me.

I want to add a bank account in the USA to get around this defect in's payment system. How can I get that accomplished?



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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Alan Dacey! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer any type of payments facilitated by in Sri Lanka. For this reason, there is no need to add your bank details to your Extranet account. 


At the moment all properties in Sri Lanka receive direct payments from guests upon check in or in advance via prepayment option. 


Best regards!

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Turquoise Gues… 1 year ago


we have a similar issue.

We have a property in Palestine and we need to connect it with our bank account.

In the last months we had many no-shows.

We end up having rooms unbookable by other customers (we typically have to turn down many requests) and no compensation for having kept the accommodation for a guest who doesn't check in and doesn't pay anything for this.

This causes us a relevant economic damage, especially in these times with the pandemics.

Could you please assist us?

Rukmal Holiday Home 6 months ago

Yes please add a payment system to sri lanka via bank transfer as there are so many cancelations in the last minute. Airbnb has this system and i find it very convenient as a host and also for the guests.