Need to contact someone in Finance

I wonder if anyone can help, I have written 3 messages via my Extranet Inbox but nothing. I have spent about 3 hours trying to contact them, after an hour, you are simply cut off. I need to speak to them urgently, anyone had any success?



Claire - Accou…

Hi Natalie,

Thank you for your message. The Finance team can only be contacted through the extranet.

Kindly send a message in the Inbox > Booking.com Messages > Compose a Message > Select the topic Finance. Their response time can be a few days depending on the amount of requests they are receiving. Alternatively, you can try calling your local team once more and asking if they have any way of speaking with finance on your behalf as the process may vary from country to country.

Kind regards,


Natalie Tomlinson

Thanks, I've sent 3 messages now and finally managed to speak to someone in another department last night who escalated but still not heard anything back. 


Natalie Tomlinson

Sent the mesaages as per the same instructions you gave. One on the 4th Aug, one on the 10th and one on the 11th. 


Sadly, in our experience the Finance Dept don't answer messages.

No idea why, but when we've had an issue we have never once managed to speak to them by phone (we have a direct number for them in Spain) or had a message actually answered.



Natalie Tomlinson

Thanks John, fingers crossed I'll hear back from the other person who said they would look at it (not in finance) as I am currently out of pocket by £350! Thanks for your help all.