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Need help from Booking but getting run-around

Not really wanting to share personal circumstances here but I'm at my wits end.  We opened new hotel March 1 (after spending signnficant money on renovations etc).  March 15 we had to close again.  We never had a chance to earn income - and watched our April -> June bookings disappear as fast as they rolled in.

We have been told that we have to refund Virtual Cards to Booking on 31 May.  I have written several times via extranet to ask to speak to someone and I just get passed between Finance and Customer Services.  Neither dept will help.  We do not have an assigned account manager.

I am in a non-English speaking country.  When I call, I get a menu system in English.  They USED to tell me which option to select to get an English menu but not anymore.  I can't navigate the system without English so I can't get to the right department.  I tried just selecting 0 and asking the person to help but she just passed my message details on to Finance who told me to contact Customer Service.  (Lovely girl she was, but just wouldn't answer my specific questions or put me through to anyone that would help).

They are going to start charge-backs next week and I am requesting more time to repay.  We will pay - we just need more time.  We will not get new business until September - if we are lucky.  

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I can do it speak to someone?