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I wanted to ask few things, how do I add the cleaning fee and tourism fee to my services, how do link my bank accounts to this website so when they use this site I can get my payment, and how do I link my calendar to my airbnb calendar so when there is booking there it would automatically close it off on this website because I had to close it myself on this website and I don't wanna do that every time.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi VIctor Yu


  • Additional Fees I strongly recommend you simply factor it into the rate plan. Otherwise set it in Additional fees & charges under:  
  • Payments By You can sign up for this service under the Finance Menu - Getting Paid or :  
  • iCAL sync with other OTA The simple answer is do not use this unless you manually update and lbock dates every time you have a new booking. This is not and has been never an automatic service. No instant sync. The only alternative and correct way to sync is using a 3rd party service called a Channel Manager. example : Cloudbeds, nobeds etc.


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