New comission from booking.com

Hello to everyone!

I have got mail from booking.com today about additional commission 2,1% which booking.com plan to charge to cover different payment systems expenses.

I do not agree with this commission. Because now I have to add it to the rental price and the final price becomes too high for guests. If the users of booking.com ready to pay extra to use their favourite payment methods - ask them to pay, but do not obligate this commission on business owners. As the user booking.com from the both side I would prefer to pay less by using a payment by credit card than use exotic payment method and pay extra commission.

Is any chance to change it and put this additional charges on the guests, in case they want to pay extra for their favourite payment methods?





This is the same for everyone who uses Payments by BdC.


It is the norm, simply factor it into rates, and don't forget to utilise minimum booking nights and the usual tricks to improve  bookings so the 2.1% will be absorbed. 


Also I would advise don't over think it too much.


Remember also even if you got your own sumup.com card reader you still end up paying even them a commission.  and they can be higher.



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