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new commission rules from 01.09.2019

I am the owner of a holiday apartment which I have let through So far I was also very satisfied with However, I do not agree at all with your current fee change, which you make for all bookings from September. On the contrary, I find them totally unfair and wrongfull only because some hotel partners are trying to cheat by keeping their hotel prices low and charging high cleaning or service fees to save on your commission costs, millions of partners have to pay fees for things they don't make money with. In my holiday apartment, for example, another local company takes care of the guests, provides the laundry packages and does the final cleaning. I add these costs 1:1 to the room rates and set them exactly the same at So I don't earn a single cent on these items. Now I and millions of other partners have to pay exactly for this. Not only that we don't earn a single cent with it, no we also have to pay extra 12% fees which minimize the profit. That is not only unjust and wrongfull, but in my eyes simply a cheek. Millions of partners lose income. is the shining winner and continues to maximize its profits. Such an approach is not worthy of a company like I think there are other ways to expose black sheep ... I would therefore like to ask you to forward this mail to one of the persons responsible for this decision. I would be interested in an honest statement from such a person.


best regards

Andreas Schuetz



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Bandara Hotels… 2 years ago

I totally agree with you on this. In the mean you may increase the other fees to cover commission fees for reduce your revenue loss. But it may affect the booking as the rate will be slightly up.

Apartment Resi… 2 years ago

Yes of course I could increase the fee. But I will not do this that can maximize its profits . Is nobody here from to give any comment?