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New Fake Reservations

A year ago I was swamped with fake reservations. There was a pattern, Eastern European in origin, one night stay, middle of the week. I could spot them (although one turned up as a real guest). An employee of Kayak stayed with me and we discussed the problem. He promised to look into it and poof, no more fake reservations. That is until recently. Now the model is worse. A business man staying for four or five days including weekends. And they are aggressive. When I reported one as a no show contacted the guest who reported they had stayed at my inn. This would've been a commission on a $1,000+ bill. I convinced that the guest was lying. Then the same booker reserved another five night stay. I noted to that the credit card was invalid (though I had not even run it I knew that was the case). The guest immediately provided a new number. So I asked to just cancel the room and it was done.

It's difficult to protect oneself from this fraud without jumping through many hoops. What I continue to wonder is what is the motivation of these people. Why are they taking the time and making the effort to do this?

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Thuild - Your …

Here's the thing. I can make 200 bookings at your property and all of them will be fake. You and BDC cannot really do much about it because I can keep doing that. That is the current system, until they change the damn thing.

1 month ago