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New Partner receiving guest payments


We are a new partner and are a little unsure of how payment will be taken. It says we have not yet been verified. When I check our bookings, it says a credit card has been received but I can not view it. I just want to know if will take this money on our behalf, or will I need to request cash/ direct deposit from the guest? We have a number of bookings and no idea how to take payment. Any help appreciated. Thank you. 




By default typically new partners are payment direct on arrival date.


It sounds like you have signed up for BdC online payments , you can confirm this, by the reservation details page, it will be written on it.


Or phone BdC PartnerSupport,  see contact us below

Lisa Grevell

Thank you for answering this. I'll have a look now. If I do have to receive payment direct on arrival, does that guest know that? They have supplied cc details that I can't view. Should I contact them in advance? 



Hi Lisa,

Like I said by default its pay on arrival and yes the check out and listing will indicate that.


Just as the Reservation details page in Extranet will show not paid.


There wont be CC details, unless you have already enabled PrePay via BdC Online Payments or signed up for Payments by Booking, please confrim which if any. You can of course do up a message template for manual use, to send payment methods, payment procedure options etc.


Kind Regards