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The new "Payments by" feature in South Africa

Hi fellow South Africans

It's my first post here, although we have been on since Feb 2014.

Like most of you I have also gotten tired of no-shows and last minute cancellations. We have up to last week only accepted 50% EFT deposits within 48 hours of booking, with balance on arrival - or then you go through the process of getting the booking cancelled, you know what I mean.We have three self catering cottages, so cancellations are a big pain for us.

We finally decided to go with Paybridge from Nightsbridge to be able to handle credit card payments and we are live on Paybridge now. Do any of you use it and how does it work for you, together with BDC?

I also noticed the new option "Payments by" under the Finance tab in the extranet. Do any of you use it? I guess it is new, so I can not expect much commenary on how it works for you, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance, Henry

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Hennie's Rest

We also had a problem with no-shows. Also using nightsbridge now for 50% deposit and have been for 2 years. If they don't show at least you have been paid 50%. Will not do it any other way. Also seen the payment but apparently not available yet, still in process.



11 months ago
Tropical Oasis…

When Payments by is not available. I have used Pay Pal invoicing and require full payment 30 days prior to arrival. Or use Pay Pal here or Square virtual terminal to process all reservations not paid 30 days prior to arrival. Then mark credit card as invalid to allow guest to update card or pay the Pay Pal invoice. If not, the reservation can be canceled by me. "Got to Pay to Stay"

11 months ago
Silvia Black

A stupid question please. I have registered on Paybridge. How do I now let my customers know that I have this facility and how do I encourage them to use it?

9 months ago