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Newbie channel manager and payment question...


As I am navigating the forum I am learning so much information! So currently I am at the point where I have became aware of channel managers...also I have came across the notion that a lot of people use Stripe as a payment facility...

With all of this said, would it be sufficient to have a channel manager that offers a payment facility (such as Little Hotelier) or, I would need an additional payment processing facility aka Stripe?

I hope so that my question makes sense...

Thank you in advance,


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Thuild - Your …

Dear Julie,

We use Little Hotelier and it's excellent, does everything and even more.

Stripe can be integrated into Little Hotelier, as Little Hotelier doesn't process payments, not sure where you saw this information.

There are other payment processing companies you can go for, just Google it. Also PayPal can be integrated into Little Hotelier Booking Button :)

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

10 months ago