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Newbie'ish (!) Total income query ..

Hi Everyone ,

Please excuse my ignorance here , my back ground isn't in accounting or admin. 

It's probably quite simple, i hope !  i just need to add the total income i received after commission on 2 different rooms from 06.04.19 to present day , is there some pull down/column or something I'm missing as the amounts i can find trolling through many statements are different to the ones paid into my bank account ? 

Thanks in advance if anyone can take the time to help me save a few hours of trolling ! 



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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Glenn

under finance  > Invoices, you can export the statements or invoicing . 

I think you will need to copy paste the info into a spreadsheet and do some basic tasks to consolidate it and then insert a sum<> command where needed.


There might even be a Export CSV, option.




Scrat67 2 years ago

Thanks for that Barry ,I'll have a look . 

My issue was mainly just trying to find the net as in the same amount they paid into my bank ,