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No account number but payment status is paid

I am new to Booking, and I never had anyone pay me in anyway for my listed accommodation. Now I've god three reservations, and in the reservation section it says that Payment in certain amount of money, adn when I go to single reservation it says that certain amount of money is charged to a guest, BUT I have not register my account number (IBAN and stuff), so where is the money? How can I get it? 

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Apartment Jolie

Dear Tanja...

that means that this has been charged guest credit card and the money was NOT transfer to your account...(you will recieve money next month - in the mean time register your bank account), the booking team will for sure send you some additional message about registering your bank account...



1 year ago

I PAID MY OVERDUE ACCOUNT OF KSH 8,061 VIA .B.V Via SCB FOR Account 153175750018 0n 15/11/18 but i still receive alot of calls on non payment.

please confirm on MPESA NO MKF4WGIXYS


8 months ago