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No activity this period

Hi There, I had to get paid on the 17th of this month. Because I hosted the guests. But there is no activity in the system between these dates. Regards Daniel.  

Bonjour, nous avons accueilli nos invités entre le 9 et 17 mars. Mais il n'y a aucune activité dans le système. 



Hi daniel ramakers


Welcome to the Partners; Community, not BdC support nor Finance team.


YOU seem to only be making statements and no actual questions.


Reading between the lines I think the question is :


I hosted on March 17th, they have checked out but nothing showing under Extranet > finance> Invoices 


That's likely correct depending on how you have payments setup.


are you using Payments by or direct with guest?




Kind Regards


daniel ramakers

Sorry, I couldn't explain it correctly. I get paid 4 times a month. I received the payments of my guests who logged in between 1-10 on the 10th of the month. But there is no activity for the payment to be made at 18, it says in the system.  I want to learn this , Is this a general delay?



Actually for march it is checkouts during :

  • 1-8
  • 9-17
  • 18-26



Axel Creutz

I I have the same problem, I have a number of bookings I have not been paid for. Although they departed within the period. Is the company going bankrupt?


Community Admin

Hi daniel ramakers! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Please contact our Credit Control department from your Extranet Inbox, they will look into this. It is possible, that the Finance page in the Extranet was not updated.


Please accept our apology for the inconvenience.


Best regards!