No cash or debit deposits?

Hi there, how can I add somewhere on our booking.com page that we do not accept cash or debit deposits, we require a valid credit card for check in. 

Thank you!


There is a 'Fine print' section at the bottom. I think you need to ask booking.com to add info into it.


The problem is the payment terms like you mention and like down payment to book and remainder due 60 days prior to check-in, should be UP-FRONT AND CLEAR....not in the "Fine Print". I have WAY to many cancellations/no book (80%) because the renter doesn't know they need up-front money to book and hold the reservation. Their credit card is rejected when I try to process the down payment. They don't read the Fine Print. My properties are CONDOS - not a hotel. We need up-front payments in the condo world. Get with it Booking...you are missing out on a LOT of USA Condo business. I have mentioned this to Booking.com numerous times.


Booking.com treatment of reservations is confusing for Clients: some think they have paid a deposit by providing a card number. Getting deposits are also tricky, as clients believe they have already provided card details (and deposits) to booking.com.